"The person who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones."
- Chinese proverb (via studentsoup)

Once upon a time isn’t only for bedtime stories and fairy tales. Once upon a time speaks of daydreams and hope and all our imaginings. It speaks of childhood and innocence, belief in the impossible. It’s a gateway to another world, one with happily ever after as the closing line. Once when dragons existed in your mind and a paper crown and bathrobe made you a prince or princess, trees and flowers were your subjects and you rules oh so royally in the summer air. The sun always seemed to smile at you, which is why it always had a face when you drew it. But the words once upon a time inspired adventures and mystery, monsters huge and heroes strong. Between the pages, within the words, that was where so much happiness was found. You could become anything or anyone, as once upon a time cast its spell. Once upon a time, once upon a place, words and rhymes that always put a smile on your face. Oh to be a kid, believing that once upon a time was as true as a history book. Oh to wish upon a star and genuinely believe in it. But now that you know better, once upon a time means so much more because it lets you relive your childhood, it lets you escape through its door to another dimension. It’s something to wish for, to hope in, and to firmly hold onto, a ray of sunshine in a way. Once upon a time is something you can never outgrow, you’ll never be too old for fairy tales and dreaming big dreams. 


Mundus vult decipi- The world wants to be deceived.

People only want to see the things that will make them happy.

Girls put on make up so that they’re “pretty”, but don’t they want people to love them and not their mask? No, people want picture perfect, something the world only pretends to be, blatantly proving that it’s not. People want to be lied to if they know that the truth is going to hurt. People are too scared to face reality and get angry when you crush their fake world that they’ve built up around themselves. People like to put on fancy clothes and wear a big smile and act like their life is better than everyone else’s… They spend money they don’t have to buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like. That sums up the majority of the population. Keeping up appearances is a priority, it doesn’t matter what your life is really like, you will pretend it’s perfect because that’s what’s expected. You don’t want people to know you’re having a hard time because their own lives seen so perfect. But for all you know it’s just a big act, everyone putting on a show for everyone else. They’re scared of their weakness, of their imperfection. Society shows us perfect people with perfect lives and we think “If only I could be like that”.. But no one is perfect, if you can put on a fake smile then why shouldn’t everyone else? People only believe what they choose to, they will bend the truth till it’s what they want to hear. They all want to be lied to if it means they can keep their fantasy a little longer..  


Words - Combinations of twenty six different letters. Lines on paper that people have assigned meaning to. Different tones and sounds that we group together. That’s what words are. And yet they can do so much.
The power to communicate, to make another person understand what is going on in your head, to share the workings of your mind. Without words we would be trapped inside ourselves, unable to reach anyone around us. Surrounded by people but isolated without the tools to express ourselves in a way that anyone could understand.

Words can build castles in the sky, hold hopes and dreams, secrets shared or whispered promises, the potential to make someone smile or even laugh simply with the right choice of vocabulary. Words can create the illusion of someone ripping out your heart though, as the different vowels and consonants strung together tear at your skin and the verbs and nouns are simply slaps to the face. Words abuse you and leave you broken, bleeding but no one can see. No sooner are they spoken then the wounds simply appear, we’re defenseless against the power of our own creation. And then some sentences are like a punch to the chest, leaving you empty, knowing the fight is over.

But words can wrap you up and comfort you, like an old familiar friend, they can lift someone up when they’re lying down in the dust, or be a crutch to simply keep someone moving. Words can leave you breathless in a good way, like tight hugs, first kisses, sunsets and a multitude of other magical moments. They allow the blind man to see the world, through the words that others use he gets to experience the beauty of everyday. 

Words can take you to places you’ve never been. You can travel the world without moving your feet. They can take you into the imaginations of others, see things that don’t exist and have adventures beyond your wildest dreams. By reading words you can live the lives of people you’ve never met, become them and feel what the writer felt. Words evoke feelings universally. Different people’s words hold different weight depending on what the person means to you. Some people want to use their words to pull you down. Others would do anything to see you stand.

I love words, with them I can make someone happy, I can try and describe to someone just what they mean to me. I can say thank you, and mean it. Words can be simple. Like yes or no. You don’t have to complicate things, sometimes the smallest words hold the most feeling. For some people the right words are all it takes to chase away the demons in their minds, and they just need someone willing to try and find the words.. So I might not be a superhero, but I can always try and find the right combination of twenty six letters to simply brighten someones day.

"And we were dancing, dancing, like we’re made of starlight"

Drowning in my daydreams
Smothered by my hopes
Gasping for breath as the sun sets,
I’ve been holding on for far too long.

Swimming against the tide
Running into the wind
Trying to find a bit of respite,
I’ve been fighting a loosing battle.

Held down by my memories
Lost inside my mind
I’ve been wishing on a falling star,
Long after the sun has risen.


Have you ever looked at a picture and seen a stranger in the background. It makes you wonder, how many strangers have pictures of you? How many moments of other peoples lives have we been in? Were we a part of someones life when their dream came true? Or were we there when their dreams died. Did we keep trying to get in, as if we were somehow destined to be there. Or did the shot take us by surprise. Just think, you could be a big part of someone’s life, and not even know it.


One Tree Hill

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